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Minh Nhat  company production and installation:

  1. Wall clock( D=1~4m)
  2. Tower clock ( D=1~4m)(3-4)
  3. Double-sided clock ( D=1~2m) ( ports, supermarkets, parks)
  4. School clock ( D=1~2m) (Bell alarm clock ,40 times a day, a week, with 7 bell sounds)



1. Mechanism, hands made in Vietnam, electronic system made in Japan
2. Allowed error  +/- 1 sec/day,
3. Automatic time setting system (time memory, auto recovery to real time after power loss)
4. Single face time set, LCD display.
5. Voltage 190-230V (50-60 Hz)
6. Battery DC (auto charge), duration 24 hrs.
7. System tropicalized, adaptable to climate conditions in VN.
8. Technical warrantee 24 months
9. Clock diameter up to 2 meters


Electronic parts:
- Every minute, the system operates engine to rotate the minute hand up 6 degree during 4s, idle 56s and record time in to memory.
- At total power loss, the real time clock still operates (battery last 10 years)
- At power recovery, the system will calculate the difference between real clock with last time record before power loss and reset the hands to real time
- Battery operation last 24-48hrs

Mechanical parts:

- Asymetrical motion "Vism" tooth engine system 24V DC
- Visme set 1/60 (1 visme round, minute hand rotates 1/60 round)
- Minute/hour set 1/12 (1 minute round, hour hand rotates 1/12 round)
- Minute hand bone d=12mm
- Hour hand bone d=24mm stainless steel type 304

- Water-proof copper gasket cover

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Mechanism, hands made in Vietnam, electronic system made in Japan Allowed error  +/- 1 sec/day, Automatic time setting system (time memory, auto recovery to real time after power loss) Single face time set, LCD display. Voltage 190-230V (50-60 Hz) ... details
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